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M&C Fence DFW

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M&C Fence DFW, a distinguished provider in the fencing industry, sought to amplify their digital footprint and embody their industry authority online. Partnering with Designeo, they aimed to enhance their SEO, elevate their content quality, and invigorate their social media presence.


Despite having a robust portfolio of successful fencing projects, M&C Fence DFW’s online visibility and search engine rankings were not reflecting their market leadership. They faced several digital hurdles:

  • Insufficient SEO strategies leading to low online visibility.
  • Underperforming website content that failed to attract the target audience.
  • Inactive and unengaging social media profiles that didn’t showcase their industry expertise.


Designeo stepped in to transform M&C Fence DFW’s digital strategy with a comprehensive approach:

  • SEO Optimization: Conducted an extensive SEO audit to identify and rectify the gaps, enhancing the website’s organic reach and search engine ranking.
  • Content Revitalization: Developed a dynamic content strategy that aligned with industry keywords and customer search intent, ensuring relevance and engagement.
  • Social Media Revamp: Rejuvenated their social media platforms to reflect the brand’s voice, showcase their projects, and engage with the community effectively.


The website design and development gave a fresh, polished, professional look for visitors to have confidence. SEO improvements were not as immediate as the website design. SEO takes time due to its organic nature, but after only six months of optimizing calls-to-action on the site, consistently publishing content, and optimizing the site for technical SEO, M&C Fence DFW saw huge improvements and tangible results. After another 6 months(12 months total from the start), the results were staggering. M&C Fence DFW’s Google Business Profile rankings were in the top 3 of all fencing contractors in Dallas-Fort Worth, clicks to call were up +27.5x, more than 50 keywords ranked on the first page of Google searches, and backlinks were growing +130% month-over-month.

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