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traderfyles high converting home page

TraderFyles, pioneering the trader tax reporting space with its innovative cloud-based software, teamed up with Designeo in 2020. The mission was clear: to craft a groundbreaking design and marketing strategy that positions TraderFyles as a frontrunner in its niche, leveraging its unique cloud-based capability to outperform traditional, non-cloud competitors.


Entering the market as the first cloud-based solution in the trader tax domain, TraderFyles faced the monumental task of establishing its brand, enhancing product usability, and achieving high visibility in a competitive yet traditional market.

  • Innovative Market Introduction: Introducing a new cloud-based product in a market dominated by traditional software.
  • User Experience Design: Developing an intuitive, user-friendly interface to ensure smooth user journeys and high adoption rates.
  • Organic Growth: Building a strong organic online presence without relying on paid advertising to attract a consistent stream of new users.


Designeo’s comprehensive strategy encompassed every facet of product design and digital marketing:

  • User-Centered Design: Conducted extensive user research, including interviews and surveys, to inform the UX/UI design process, resulting in wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes tailored to user needs.
  • Website Development: Created a high-converting WordPress site optimized for SEO, focusing on enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.
  • SEO and Content Strategy: Implemented a robust SEO strategy to dominate search engine rankings, focusing on high-value keywords to drive organic traffic and establish industry authority.
mockup of traderfyles saas software design on a macbook


The collaboration led to the creation of a user-centric, highly engaging product and an effective online presence:

  • Tailored UX/UI design that resonates with the target audience, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.
  • A conversion-optimized website that effectively communicates the value proposition, leading to high conversion rates and user retention.
  • Strategic SEO efforts that positioned TraderFyles prominently on search engines, outperforming competitors in keyword rankings.
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